A good furnace ensures comfort, reliability and energy efficiency. It helps keep your home warm consistently. And therefore, you need to be extra cautious when it comes to replacing it with a new one. A single mistake during installation can cause you to compromise with your home’s comfort.

Imagine the absence of heating system during winter! 



Consider all sorts of calculations

You need to have the measurements of your rooms before you go ahead and buy a furnace for yourself. You will get a lot of contractors who determine the needs of the heating and cooling system according to the size of the house. But, measuring just the size of the house is not enough. A quality contractor should take into consideration the size of the family, as well as the estimated usage, and also the average climate before giving you that advice.

Checking Energy Efficiency

Checking the AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating of the new furnace determines its energy efficiency. AFUE is the measurement of the furnace’s efficiency in converting fuel to energy. For example, a furnace with a 75% AFUE denotes that 75% of the fuel consumed by the furnace is used to heat your home while the other 25% turns into exhaust that is vented out the flue. The advantage of AFUE rating is that it determines how efficient unit you will need at your home. Moreover, higher the energy efficiency of the furnace, lower will be your recurring utility bill. But again, the higher the efficiency, the more will be the cost of furnace.

Look After Features

You can consult with your contractor about what features to look for in a furnace. The feature can include variable speed and multi-stage operation mechanism. These will help you to permit long-term energy savings.

Types of Fuel Usage

There are few furnaces that burn natural gas while others burn propane or fuel oil. You need to consult with your HVAC contractor about the best option of fuel available. If your home is set up with venting and ductwork for a combustion furnace, the best choice for you will be burning natural gas.

Assess the Ventilation System

Compatibility of the existing ventilation system with new furnace is something that needs to be verified before installation. Ventilation system should always be compliant to furnace requirements and regulations. The best option for this situation will be consulting with the HVAC Charlotte NC familiar with ductwork installation.


After the successful installation of furnace, ask your contractor for a detailed report, which might be needed to be presentedto the building inspector. It is recommended to inspect the chimney too, in order to verify its compliance to at least 350 degrees.

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The Alfredo’s beach club is a great venue to conduct either a large Hawaiian beach wedding or an intimate and warm family gathering. The wedding planners at the Alfredo’s beach club take great care to ensure that the most important day in your life turns out just the way you want it to be. They organize the decor, catering, flowers, bridal attire, wedding theme, photographer, entertainment, accommodations, valet parking, entertainment, wedding cake, budgeting, rentals, lighting as well as numerous arrival options for the bride and groom such as a gondola, limousine or even a beach cruiser woody! They are also experienced in conducting bridal showers, rehearsal dinners as well as bachelor/bachelorette parties. They offer 8 extravagant venues to choose from : Rainbow Lagoon, Marine Stadium, Morthers Beach, Belmont Pier, Cherry Beach, Granada Beach, Kayak Kafe and 72nd Place-Peninsula. Thus with numerous services offered as well as plenty of locations to choose from, the Alfredo’s beach club is truly a great and exclusive wedding or reception location.


The Grand Event Center is Southern California’s premier boutique hotel sprawling over a massive 40,000 square feet. It features four magnificently landscaped areas with six completely customizable wedding spaces. The venues can accommodate from 25 people to 600 guests. This is a “full-service” venue offering not only the space, but the catering and all other services to make your big day a dream come true. The various wedding spaces available are :

The Grand Ballroom – 6,200 square feet with a dance floor measuring 34′ x 36′ and a capacity of 450 people.

The Catalina Room – 3,500 square feet with the dance floor sprawling over 25′ x 25′ with a maximum banquet capacity of 200 people.

Monarch Room and Patio – It has an area of 3,400 and 2,200 square feet respectively. The total capacity is 180 and 100 with the dance floor area of 15′ x 25′ in the Monarch room.

Garden Room – The Garden offers a very rustic setting in an area of 2,500 square feet. It has a ballroom measuring 20′ x 17′ with a total capacity of 140 people.

Palm Terrace – This venue is a great outdoor setting measuring 3,400 square feet and with a dance floor that can be customized to fit the expected number of people. It has a banquet capacity of 320 people.

Pacific Room – This is great for a small and intimate wedding as it can accommodate up to 90 people for banquet. The total area is 1,500 square feet and the dance floor measures 12′ x 12′.

Q – When is a telephone system not just a telephone system?

The last few years have seen a dramatic change in the capabilities of telephone systems. Sometimes referred to as a private branch exchange (PBX) or a private analog branch exchange (PABX).

It was not so long ago that they were purely voice systems. They connected to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), a national network that linked to global networks that supported voice. The newest Australian supplier taking the telecommunications industry by storm Futura says “the industry is rapidly changing and look out for massive saving in 2019”

Today’s telephone systems support voice, data, and fax and are able to combine voice and data databases.

To give an example of the benefit to businesses of this; a telephone call coming into a business with a modern system will recognize the callers telephone number and will use this number to launch a software application such as a contact management system like Goldmine or a customer relationship management system such as Microsoft CRM linking to financial application such as Sage.

Systems of this type may sometimes be referred to as converged systems or IP Telephony systems.

Another capability of ‘phone systems’ such as these is that all types of messages, e-mail, voice mail, and fax appear in the mail inbox of the user’s personal computer. This means that users do not have to go to one system for voice mail and another for fax.

Furthermore, a system of this type will provide security from external attack when the system is connected to the Internet. It will do this because it incorporates a firewall.

Also, such systems can provide free telephone calls between companies different locations using a process known as voice over Internet protocol ( VOIP ). This is where a private IP network is used to support voice calls as well as data traffic.

Managing and using a system that integrates both voice and data into a single box solution is far simpler than many of the separate boxes that would be typically used to make up a similar solution.

What is happening with telephone lines and suppliers?

Since telephones took over from morse and telex, telephone lines have been the primary means of communicating other than using radio waves.

The owners of the copper cables that allowed telephone users to connect to one another were companies like The Post Office ( now BT ) and The Bell Telephone Company ( now split up into different phone companies ). These are known as the “Telcos “

They were communications monopolies in their countries. They owned the cable infrastructure and the exchanges and they determined the service provided.

De-regulation introduced alternative network providers ( altnets ). Despite huge investments in new ( mainly fiber optic ) cabling these altnets ( e.g. Fibernet and Thus ) often rely on BT to get “ the last mile “ to the end user. The birth of “ cable “ companies such as NTL and Telewest has provided an alternative route for this.

De-regulation has also given birth to companies who do not actually own network infrastructure but provide “ lower cost minutes “ by bulk buying and having interconnected agreements with other carriers.

These are the so-called “ Least Cost Routing “ ( LCR ) companies that utilize Carrier Pre-select ( CPS ) to route calls across their provider’s networks. They typically have lower overheads and pass on these lower costs to the end users. Examples include Caudwell Communications and Gamma/Uniworld. These companies typically have their own billing platforms.

Some of these companies buy line rentals from BT Wholesale and then pass these on at lower rates than BT to end users. ( NB BT Retail buys about 60% of BT Wholesale’s line capacity therefore about 40% is bought by the “ altnets “).

Q – What does the future hold in store?
Future evolution of all of these companies models is the emergence of “voice over IP “.

It is almost certain that all voice traffic will be transported over IP networks in some way.

Internet Service Providers ( ISP’s ) who have grown by providing Internet ( IP ) “ pipes “ have largely become part of Telcos or Altnets.


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