The principle style of Melbourne acupuncture practiced everywhere throughout the world is TCM (‘Traditional Chinese Medicine’.) This is what is instructed and practiced in China, and is the standard for most Western courses in traditional needle therapy. It has a history extending back more than 2000 years, and given the name TCM during the 1950s when an organized schedule was first made for instructing across China (up to that point there were numerous territorial varieties)


Different nations have grown marginally various styles of their own, for example Japanese needle therapy which is known for its delicate procedures, and utilization of stomach area determination (feeling the midriff as an indicative apparatus). Korean needle therapy likewise has marginally various speculations, and it will in general kindness treating established issues. Some Korean acupuncturists just use needle therapy focuses on the hands for their treatments. In general however, Japanese and Korean needle therapy are very like TCM.

Auricular needle therapy utilizes needle therapy focuses on the ears to treat disease. It very well may be utilized nearby different styles (in which case body focuses will likewise be utilized) or all alone. An ongoing creation – the NADA convention – utilizes 5 needle therapy focuses on the ear in the treatment of habit.