The term support coordination website is most commonly used to describe any of a range of mechanical assemblies whose performance is dependent upon the position and orientation of their flexible component ends. Often such assemblies are used in industrial, civil and structural applications. A common example of such an application is the mechanical support of an aircraft wing. Although most wings are manufactured with aluminum orruce supported by metal spindles the majority of wings are made from materials that are more lightweight such as carbon fiber, Kevlar and composites. The end result is a structure whose configuration is highly susceptible to adverse lateral stresses due to bending during takeoff and descent, the result of which can be destructive to the integrity of the wing or other component.

Support cording is also used within the automotive, transportation and aerospace industries where a variety of complex and sensitive components are regularly tested for tensile strength and to ensure their viability in adverse conditions. In addition to its use within the automobile industry there is considerable use in military applications as well, where the design of complex component designs requires the incorporation of strong mechanical elements that can withstand significant lateral and radial loads. Support cording is therefore a critical component in a number of advanced technologies designed to provide aircraft with the ability to withstand extreme temperatures during flight and to guarantee the safe and efficient operation of military vehicles within their operational environment.

Support coordination is used within many different industries such as the oil and gas, chemical, civil and construction sectors. Its use is most commonly found within the aerospace and defense industry, where a wide range of components are often subjected to dynamic tension and tensile stresses in a wide range of conditions. It is important to note that the properties that characterise this material have not been isolated to the aerospace sector. They have been found to be very useful in a wide range of applications across several different industries.