Acrylic Roofs Are Better Priced

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Roof and Coatings Company is a family-owned business แผ่นชินโคไลท์คุณภาพ (shinkolitekunnapab). Ken has been in the construction trade for most of his life, building a successful vinyl siding business in central Pennsylvania before relocating to the Bangkok In the late 90s Ken was joined by his sons Milford and Arnold, and later, son-in-law Russell in what was then Roof Restoration. We found ourselves building decks, porches, small additions, remodeling, and roofing… pretty much whatever people needed.

As contractors who desire to build a good name in the community we are always searching for high quality materials and ways to be more efficient and proficient in our workmanship. When we were first introduced to Conklin roofing products and saw their quality and value, we knew we just saw the future in roofing. The Conklin Company has been in the roofing industry for over 40 years; pioneering reflective, acrylic, elastomeric roof coatings back in the 1970’s. Conklin’s Energy Star rated roof systems have a proven track record of performance and value; protecting building owners’ investment and delivering savings through reduced energy bills and positive life cycle costing.

When we saw the value that Conklin roof systems could deliver to our customers we restructured our business, and Roof and Coatings Company was born. We are proud to exclusively install Conklin Roof Systems. By focusing our business exclusively on Conklin roofing we are able to deliver superior craftsmanship and added value for our customers.

At our company Roof and Coatings Company we believe that the values that some would call ‘Old Fashioned’ are essential both in family and in business. These are the values that we are committed to:
Relationships: We are committed to building quality long term relationships with our customers. This means that we don’t just install the roof system, grab the money and go. It means that we will work to find the best solution for your situation, stand behind our work, and be there throughout the warranty period and beyond.

Listening: It is important that we listen to our customers needs and find the solution best suited to their individual situation. We will not try to sell you what is the most profitable for us, but we will find the solution that has the best value for you, the customer.

Integrity: To us this means doing the right thing even if no one is looking. We are committed to the highest quality standards of every detail of each roof that we install.

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